Cholesteatoma manifesting as an external auditory canal polyp


Adil Sami ADAL RAZAQ and Mohd Khairi MD DAUD

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, School of Medical Sciences, Kelantan, Malaysia



Cholesteatoma is a serious disease of the ear. It is defined as a benign skin lesion that grows in the middle ear cleft. The most commonly affected sites are the middle ear cavity and mastoid bone. It can also develop in the petrous apex. It can manifest with a wide range of symptoms ranging from persistent ear discharge to hearing loss. The treatment is almost always surgical excision. We report a rare case of middle ear cholesteatoma that presented as an aural polyp arising from the posterior wall of the external auditory canal.


Keywords: Cholesteatoma, complications, manifestations, polyp


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                    Brunei Int Med J. 2012;8(2):99-101