Unicameral bone cysts managed with CHRONOS bone graft substitute: A case series


Biju BENJAMIN and Ketan PANDE,

Department of Orthopaedics Surgery, RIPAS Hospital, Brunei Darussalam



A unicameral bone cyst (UBC) may require surgery if its location increases the risk for pathologic fracture, or if it is painful or increasing in size. This case series demonstrates that curettage and grafting with a bone graft substitute alone can result in healing of the UBC. Three children with UBC and pathological fractures were treated with curettage and grafting using bone graft substitute beta-tricalcium phosphate granules (CHRONOS). All three went on to full union of the fracture and good consolidation of the graft with small residual cysts (Neer/Cole grades II). Curettage and grafting using CHRONOS granules is an effective way of treatment of UBC. By using this method, we were able to avoid the necessity of obtaining bone graft in young patients. It shortened operative time and avoided donor site morbidity.  


Keywords: Unicameral bone cyst, curettage, grafting, osteoconduction


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Brunei Int Med J. 2013; 9 (1): 47-51