Cystic carcinoma of the neck


Prathibha Parampalli SUBRHAMANYA, Ghazala KAFEEL, Hla OO,

Pemasiri Upali TELISINGHE, Department of Pathology, RIPAS Hospital,

Brunei Darussalam



Malignant cystic lesions of the lateral side of the neck are usually due to metastasis and are rarely primary carcinoma. The most common is metastatic cystic squamous cell carcinoma arising from a primary site at the Waldeyer’s ring.  However, they can arise from papillary carcinoma of thyroid, lung and mediastinum but very rarely from the abdominal and pelvic organs without regional lymph node involvement. Therefore, accurate diagnosis is very important for appropriate management. We report two cases of cystic squamous cell carcinoma of the lateral neck; cystic metastasis from an occult squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue and a primary branchiogenic carcinoma. We emphasize the importance of meticulous search for the primary malignant lesions in cases of cystic carcinoma of the neck.


Keywords: Branchial cyst, carcinoma, cysts, metastasis


Brunei Int Med J. 2010; 6 (1): 61-64