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Authors: Sainani G.


Authors: McPhee S. J. Tierney L. M. Papadakis M. A.


Authors: Lalwani A.

Authors: Unger J


Authors: Kane R. L. Ouslander J. G. Abrass I. B.

Authors: Shields Th.W. Ponn R.B. Rusch V.W


Authors: Shader R.I


Authors: Goldman A Hain R. Liben S.


Authors: Moskowitz R.W. Goldberg V.M. Hochberg M.C

Authors: Corwin E. J.


Author: A. C. Galloway


Author: B. J. Sadock & V. A. Sadock

Editor: Robert W. Schrier


Cardiac Surgery - ctsnet.org

Author: Lawrence H. Cohn, MD

Author: Larry W. Stephenson, MD & Jeffrey L. Rodengen

Cardiology - NCBI Bookshelf

Cardiology Explained

Authors: Euan A Ashley and Josef Niebauer

Atrial Fibrillation: National clinical guideline for management in primary and secondary care (Nice Clinical Guidelines, No. 36)            

National Collaborating Centre for Chronic Conditions (UK).

Cancers - NCBI Bookshelf

Cancer Syndromes

Edited by Douglas L Riegert-Johnson, MD; Associate Editors: Lisa A Boardman, MD, Timothy Hefferon, PhD, and Maegan Roberts, MS CGC

Dynamics of Cancer: Incidence, Inheritance & Evolution

Author: Stephen A. Frank

Endocrinology - NCBI Bookshelf

Endocrinology: An integrated Approach

Authors: Stephen Nussey & SaffronWhitehead

The Genetic Landscape of Diabetes

Authors: Laura Dean, Md & Jo McEntyre, PhD

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Author: Marko Turina

Cardiothoracic Imaging

Authors: Laura Dean, Md & Jo McEntyre, PhD

Lung cancer

Management of Small Cell Lung Cancer

Authors: Jerome Seidenfeld, PhD, Claudia Bonnell, RN, MLS, Kathleen M Ziegler, PharmD, and Naomi Aronson, PhD

Authors: Clifton F. Mountain, MD, Herman I. Libshitz, MD & Kay E. Hermes


Clinical Methods, 3rd Edition

Edited by H Kenneth Walker, MD, W Dallas Hall, MD, and J Willis Hurst, MD

EBM: Pubmed Clinical Q&A

Author: Laura Dean

Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

Edited by Robert S. Porter, Justin L. Kaplan, Barbara P. Homeier, Mark H. Beers

Hepatology: A Clinical Textbook,2nd Edition

Edited by Stefan Mauss, Thomas Berg, Jurgen Rockstroh, Christoph Sarrazin, Heiner Wedemeyer

Neurology - NCBI Bookshelf

The Epilepsies: Seizures, Syndromes & Management

Author: C Panayiotopoulos, MD, PhD, FRCP

Parkinson's Disease:

National clinical guideline for diagnosis and management in primary and secondary care
NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 35

National Collaborating Centre for Chronic Conditions (UK).


Basic MRI

Author: Joseph P. Hornak



Statistics & Medical Writing

Statistics: Methods and Application

Author: Statistica 2008

Citing Medicine

Author: Karen Patrias, Editor: Dan Wendling

Surgery - NCBI Bookshelf

Surgical Treatment: Evidence-Based & Problem-Orientated

Edited by René G Holzheimer and John A Mannick


Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis & Treatment          (NICE clinical Guidelines, No.58)

National Collaborating Centre for Cancer (UK)

Saving Women's Life: Strategies for Improving Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

Edited by Janet E Joy, Edward E Penhoet, and Diana B Petitti. Institute of Medicine (US) and National Research Council (US) Committee on New Approaches to Early Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

Vascular Surgery

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