past ISSUE: BRUNEI INT MED J. 2015 june 15; VOL 11 ISSUE 3

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Prevalence of obesity and its association with hypertension: A cross sectional study of military personnel in the Royal Brunei Armed Forces.

Isehardy MURNI, Lin NAING, Muhd Hiza Wardy ABDUL HALIM.

Brunei Int Med J. 2015;11(3):126-133



Distribution of cardiovascular risk factors among the cardiology  outpatient population in RIPAS hospital, Brunei Darussalam.

Nur Azri MOHD YASIN, Siti Aisyah IBRAHIM, Mohammad Basirun AHMAD.

Brunei Int Med J. 2015;11(3):134-138



Comparison of ease of intubation between GlideScope® and C-MAC® Videolaryngoscopes for novices.

Badariah YATIM, Azlina MASDAR, Aliza MOHAMAD YUSOF,  Shereen TANG Suet Ping, Nurlia YAHYA, Muhammad MAAYA.

Brunei Int Med J. 2015;11(3):139-146



Body weight misperception among Malaysian adults in rural area.


Brunei Int Med J. 2015;11(3):147-154




Appendicectomy with interesting findings

Amit Kumar C JAIN

Brunei Int Med J. 2015;11(3):155


Brunei Int Med J. 2015;11(3):171



Dysphagia with contralateral and ipsilateral neurological deficits

Matthew HON, Samuel JACKSON, Ian BICKLE

Brunei Int Med J. 2015;11(3):156


Brunei Int Med J. 2015;11(3):172




Paraneoplastic arthropathy as manifestation of pulmonary metastases in phyllodes tumour  of breast.

Muhammad KAMIL, Muhammad Syafiq ABDULLAH, Sik Kim ANG,  Mohammad Zulkhairi  MOHAMAD.

Brunei Int Med J. 2015;11(3):157-161

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Para-articular osteochondroma: Role of diagnostic imaging.

LOW Soo Fin, LAU Chee Kong, Suraya AZIZ, Radhika SRIDHARAN.

Brunei Int Med J. 2015;11(3):162-166




Through and through carotid artery injury from a fish bone.

Bathma Dhevi SUSIBALAN, Zulkifli YUSOF, Masaany MANSOR,  Mohd Ayzam AHMAD, Irfan MOHAMAD.  

Brunei Int Med J. 2015;11(3):167-170




[]Med J. 2015;11(2):82-87